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Altitude Film Entertainment has been a partner of SportsAid since 2016 and is working with the charity to help young athletes achieve their ambitions.

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We are thrilled to be collaborating with SportsAid on the release of RACE to support this next generation of British athletes who are making a huge commitment to their sport and pushing through obstacles, not dissimilar to what Owens himself experienced. With SportsAid’s 40th anniversary, and the 80th anniversary of Owens’ success, it couldn’t be a better time to rally support and celebrate the future of British sport!

Hamish Moseley
Altitude’s Head of Distribution

Altitude Film Entertainment Ltd supported SportsAid through the release of RACE – the epic story of Jesse Owens and his bid to become Olympic Champion at the 1936 games in Nazi Germany. Cinema tickets sold to see the film in the UK all contributed to the Jesse Owens SportsAid Fund which subsequently supported 10 track and field athletes throughout the UK.