Become a partner

SportsAid's partners are vital to the success of young athletes throughout Great Britain. Create a unique partnership of your own and build a long-lasting relationship with the brightest sporting prospects.


There are many ways for your organisation to get involved with SportsAid. Each partnership is unique, built entirely around your priorities, but has a shared goal of helping young people to succeed in sport. 

Commercial partnerships

SportsAid's commercial partners range from local businesses to companies such as Royal Bank of Canada, the Nottingham Building Society and myLotto24.

Public sector partnerships

SportsAid also works with many local authorities and county sports partnerships around the UK decide which athletes to support in their area.


A number of trusts and charitable funds across the country partner with SportsAid to make a difference to young people - sometimes just focusing on a particular area, such as disability sports, depending on their goals.

Lunch clubs

Other partners like to work together to put on local fundraising events, such as lunch clubs, where they present cheques to athletes from their area in front of their guests and the media.

Chosen charity

SportsAid is a popular 'chosen charity', especially during an Olympic or Paralympic year, because sport has so many connections to the world of business and can be a great motivating factor for your staff.


Each partnership is unique but what every partner gets is exclusive access to the athletes they are supporting.

Your partnership could start at any point during the year and there is no minimum number of athletes. The typical SportsAid award they receive is £1,000 a year.

After the sports have nominated their athletes to SportsAid in the autumn you could:

  • Choose your athletes based on which sport they compete in, where they live, etc.
  • Give cheques to your athletes at a launch event (or send them in the post)
  • Publish an announcement on SportsAid's website and in the charity's monthly newsletter
  • See your athletes' profiles go up on SportsAid's website next to your logo
  • Publish your own content on a page dedicated to you on SportsAid's website
  • Start to build a relationship with your athletes to follow their progress
  • Get regular news updates from SportsAid
  • Use SportsAid’s competition calendar 
to find out where your athletes might be competing
  • Use SportsAid's logo and images on your website
  • Invite your athletes and even, perhaps, an Olympian or Paralympian to attend an event or athlete workshop
  • Offer your staff a guaranteed place on the London Marathon or RideLondon-Surrey 100