The #MyMiles Challenge

The #MyMiles Challenge is a fun and easy way for YOU to show your support for the next generation of athletes

SportsAid Week - 24-30 September 2018

SportsAid Week 2018 will see the return of the #MyMiles Challenge this September as the British public pays tribute to the commitment, dedication and sacrifice shown by the next generation of sporting talent!

The social media campaign was launched last year to shine a spotlight on the training young sports stars undertake, day after day, as well as the ongoing challenges they face. On average, a SportsAid athlete covers 43 miles under their own steam every week.

SportsAid supporters came together to keep young athletes company throughout the week of fun and fundraising as they flooded Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with photos and videos of their activity before making a nomination and a donation to continue the chain.

They collectively covered 5,741 miles via a wide range of exercise including cycles, rows, runs, swims, walks and team triathlons. The aim is to beat the total in 2018 having taken inspiration from the incredible level of activity displayed during SportsAid Week 2017.

SportsAid Week ambassador Laura Wright, known as the 'sporting soprano' having performed classical music at many major sporting events across the world, tells you more about the #MyMiles Challenge in the short video above!


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A step-by-step guide to #MyMiles

Exercise, nominate, donate!

The #MyMiles Challenge is accessible to everybody and only asks for a £2 donation. It's entirely up to you as to the distance you wish to cover - as long as you meet the minimum requirement of one mile. Here's a step-by-step guide for you....

  • Physically cover a distance of your choice (one mile minimum) via any form of exercise (if it's not easy to record the distance of your activity - 20 minutes = one mile)
  • Post a video or photo on social media upon completion - include the distance you've covered, tag SportsAid (see social media handles below) and use #MyMiles
  • Don't forget to nominate a friend, family member or colleague to continue the chain - make sure to remind them to donate upon completion!
  • Finish by texting 'WEEK40 £2' to 70070 to help Britain's brightest sporting prospects during the critical early stages of their careers

 Twitter - @TeamSportsAid        Instagram - @TeamSportsAid        Facebook - SportsAid

How shall I do #MyMiles?

It's up to you!

How you decide to support the #MyMiles Challenge is entirely in your hands. SportsAid will be keeping a running total of the distance covered and is looking to encourage a diverse range of activity - all led by you. 

Perhaps opt for an Olympic or Paralympic discipline to add to #MyMiles....running, cycling, swimming and rowing are always popular. How about archery, boccia, canoeing, fencing, sailing, skiing, table tennis, taekwondo or weightlifting? The choice is yours! 

Why not incorporate #MyMiles into your daily routine? Walking your dog or going for a lunchtime stroll both fit the bill. The distance you cover doesn't necessarily have to come via strenuous activity. #MyMiles is designed to work for you.    

If you are planning on doing a bigger physical challenge throughout SportsAid Week and would prefer not to limit yourself to a £2 donation, don't hesitate to seek extra sponsorship by setting up your own fundraising page and promote the #MyMiles message even further.

Also, if you're not a social media user, your contribution to #MyMiles is still just as valuable! Please email informing us of the distance you've covered and make your nomination through your chosen communication method!

The #MyMiles Schools Challenge

Get your pupils Active!

SportsAid Week is joining up with the European Week of Sport to encourage young people to #BeActive through the #MyMiles Schools Challenge. Schools are able to get involved by asking every pupil to complete a minimum of one mile in SportsAid Week.

This can be in a PE lesson, at lunchtime or during an after school activity, with all pupils encouraged to donate £1 to take part. There will be a dedicated #MyMiles Schools Day on Tuesday 25 September, but if that doesn't work for you, choose any date within the week. 

SportsAid has produced a simple-to-follow guide for how schools can take part in the #MyMiles Schools Challenge and show their support for young British athletes. You can also order your free #MyMiles pack for schools by registering your details with the charity. 

Can I do #MyMiles with other people?

Yes, of course - spread the word!

The #MyMiles Challenge gives you the chance to team up with friends, family members and colleagues to show your support for Britain's future Olympians and Paralympians. And there's lots of great ways you can make your contribution towards the overall total.

Why not get together for a bit of circuit training or a spin class? Yoga, pilates, dancing and boxercise are just a few other ideas, while cricket, football, hockey, netball and rugby are perfect options for team sports you may already be involved in!

Here's a few things to remember if you do complete the #MyMiles challenge as a group....

  • Make sure to keep a track of the distance you cover - for example, if a group of 20 complete an hour of circuit training or playing football, that's 60 miles between you!
  • Get everybody involved to donate £2 each and to continue the chain - you could decide between you to nominate another group of people rather than all doing so individually
  • If you want to keep your donation simple, one person can take the lead by gathering up the money and texting 'WEEK40' followed by the amount raised to 70070 e.g 'WEEK40 £60'

Where does the money raised go?

To our future sporting heroes!

The money raised from the #MyMiles Challenge and throughout SportsAid Week will support athletes in many different ways. SportsAid helps over 1,000 young sports stars every year with the impact being felt both financially and from a recognition perspective.

  • £5 will help one of Britain's best young athletes get to their next training session
  • £10 will help a young disabled footballer purchase new shinpads
  • £25 will help a young gymnast pay for a pair of wrist supports
  • £50 will help a young kayaker replace a damaged helmet
  • £100 will help a young athlete visit a physio for rehabilitation from an injury
  • £500 will help a young boxer travel to their next major international competition
  • £1,000 will provide a full year's worth of support for a SportsAid athlete

Your contribution to #MyMiles will make a real difference. Let's keep as many young athletes company as we can! Please contact us via or on Twitter for any questions regarding #MyMiles and SportsAid Week. What will you do to support the next?