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Matthew Robertson
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Key Achievements

  • 2017Paracycling track international, Scratch race C1-3 and individual pursuiy, Silver medal and 1st C2 and 4th C1-3

  • 2017BC national paracycling road race series, C1-5 road race, 2nd

  • 2017School games 2017, Para Omnium style road races, Bronze medal

  • 2017BC national road race series, Road race C1-3, 2nd

  • 2017BC national junior track challenges, 1km C1-5, 1st with factoring

  • 2017BC national junior track challenges, 3km Pursuit C1-5, 1st para C1-5 bwith factoring

  • 2017BC national junior track challenges, Flying 200m, 1st para with factoring and C2 national record set

  • 2017BC national paracycling road race series, road race C1-3, 2nd

  • 2017BC national paracycling road race championships , C1-3 road race, silver medal

  • 2017BC national paracycling TT championships, C1-3 TT, silver medal

  • 2017Paracycling Road World cup, Ostend, C2 road race, 8th and UCI ranking points

  • 2017Paracycling road world cup, Ostend, C2 TT, 12th C2 and UCI ranking points

  • 2017BC national para track championships , 3km Pursuit C1-5, 6th behind riders from Rio

  • 2017BC national para track championships , Flying 200m, Silver medal and new C2 national record

  • 2017Paracycling track international against riders from around the world, 1km C1-3, 6th with factoring

  • 2017Paracycling track international, 3km Pursuit C2, Silver medal, and first international medal

  • 2017Paracycling track international, Team sprint C1-5, 4th, teamed with two GB podium riders


How did you first get involved in your sport?

I always to ride a bike for as long as I can remember but couldn't keep my right foot on the pedal and couldn't push with the right foot either. This made it impossible until I was older and stronger. I mastered it at 13 years old. I loved riding as I had always thought I would and was determined to learn to ride with cleets, then on the track and then compete. I have worked tirelessly at it for nearly five years.

What does a typical week look like for you?

I train every day. My British Cycling coach sets my training. I train once a week or fortnight at the track, other than that I will train for between two and four hours a day on the road circuit at the cylcopark in Kent or on the turbobike at home.. I have a fitness trainer that I travel an hour to twice a week for an hourly session. I then do hour and half exersise sessions set by her four times a week.

What motivates you to continue in your sport?

I love the sense of achievement when I ride well. When I came 8th in a big international road race against 27 other countries in Belgium earlier this year It felt I had pushed my own barriers back. Cycling has not only helped me to develop physically and in a muscular sense, it has given me confidence in life where I didn't have it before. It has also helped me enormously academically, both in mathematical and literacy skills. This and my self confidence and helped my articulacy. I have also been very lucky in that I have found a lot of very good friends through it as well.

Who is your sporting hero and why?

Chris Hoy is my Sporting hero. He has always been so calmly determined and I have learned a lot from his book about how to deal mentally with competing and how to focus on competing against yourself for a better performance each time.

What do you do in your free time?

I read and I enjoy films. I used to play the trumpet but that has fallen by the wayside a bit.

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