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National governing body (NGB)

GB Taekwondo

GB Taekwondo nominates World Taekwondo (WT) athletes to SportsAid who are current members of the Development Squad and aged 12years-old to 18-years-old [SportsAid ages]. They must regularly compete at G-rated international competitions (e.g. Dutch Open) and/or are competing at a major Championship level, i.e. Junior European or Junior World Championships. Alternatively nominees will be a member of the Development Squad at the point of nomination and working towards a major Championships in the following year.

The Nomination Process

SportsAid only supports unfunded athletes who are nominated by their sport's national governing body. This ensures the right athletes get the right help at the right time - enhancing the sports' talent development programmes rather than duplicating them. Nominations take place every autumn.

You should contact your sport about whether you meet the criteria for the next round of SportsAid awards. Meeting the nomination criteria does not necessarily guarantee a SportsAid award because the charity can only distribute what it has fundraised.