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Lawn Tennis Association

NGB contact: Sophie Disley

For 2019 the LTA can nominate up to 25 players to SportsAid. In order to make these 25 nominations, the criteria* set out by the LTA are that the individual must:

Be aged between 12 and 16; and

Be eligible to represent GB; and

Not in receipt of an LTA player agreement. Plus either

Have been selected for official age group representation (U12 U14, U16 Winter Cup, U12 U14, U16 Summer Cup, U14, U16 European Individuals, Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup) in 2018; or

Be ranked in the top 2 in their age group (U12 – U16**) – to include individual year categories*** (U13 U15); or

Be a winner or runner up of the National Championships (U12, U14, U16, U18 - if aged 12-16); or

Have been shortlisted for NAGP U14 or 14+ for 2019

If there are more than 25 players meeting the criteria, the final list of nominations will be decided by assessing the following elements:

The player’s game developmentin terms of emerging strengths and a defined game style. ;

The player’s attitude, competitiveness and work ethic in training and competition. A player’s disciplinary record may also be taken into account;

The players physical qualities and the application of these on the court;

Evidence from match / scouting reports;

Significant results from international and domestic events.


* The LTA may, at its own discretion, change some of the criteria year on year. The LTA also retains the right to nominate fewer than 25 players if deemed appropriate.

** The rankings as of Friday 30th March 2018 and Friday 31st August 2018.

*** For clarity, the top 2 names on each ranking list will be taken, even if these players are younger and feature on two age group lists. U13 and U15 ranking lists will be compiled by applying a filter to the U14 and U16 ranking lists.

The nomination process

SportsAid only supports unfunded athletes who are nominated by their sport's national governing body. This ensures the right athletes get the right help at the right time - enhancing the sports' talent development programmes rather than duplicating them. Nominations take place every autumn. You should contact your sport about whether you meet the criteria for the next round of SportsAid awards. Meeting the nomination criteria does not necessarily guarantee a SportsAid award because the charity can only distribute what it has fundraised.

More information

Contact Sophie Disley at the LTA.