Give a young athlete the chance to succeed in sport by making SportsAid the chosen charity for your next fundraising event or challenge. We will be with you all the way!


There are loads of ways you can fundraise for SportsAid. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Take on a challenge

Missed the ballot? Every year SportsAid has guaranteed places for the London Marathon and Ride London-Surrey 100. Alternatively, choose your own event and run, cycle or swim for SportsAid. Every step, every pedal, every stroke makes a difference. 

Work as a team

Getting together with your friends, family or work colleagues to take on a team challenge is a great way to raise money for SportsAid. Set the distance you want to cover, how you want to do it (the more creative the better!) and get people to sponsor you for it.


From pub quizzes to garden parties and gala dinners, hosting a fundraising event can raise a lot of money for SportsAid in a very short space of time.

Raffles and auctions

Get a local business to donate prizes for a raffle, or why not auction off your own services for a day to raise money for SportsAid?

Shop online

If you use to shop online at all your usual outlets, SportsAid will get a donation for every purchase you make - at no extra cost! 

Car boot sales

Next time you have a clear-out at home, try selling the items in a car boot sale or on eBay and give the proceeds to SportsAid. 


We will support you all the way with your fundraising efforts, starting with what has worked well in the past.

Set a goal

It is really important to have a goal and a clear plan for how you will achieve it.

Collect online

Collect your donations online by setting up a fundraising page on Just Giving using SportsAid's logo.

Tell your story

Explain why you are fundraising for SportsAid, how much you want to raise and how people can help you. Get your local media involved to raise awareness.

Use your network

You can reach out to your friends, family and work colleagues, but using social media will allow you to engage an even wide audience. Don’t forget to include @TeamSportsAid on Twitter and Instagram, and to use the hashtag #SupportTheNext. We’re also on Facebook

Donate by text

Text “NEXT01 £5”, “NEXT01 £10” or as much as you’d like to give SportsAid to 70070.

Gift Aid

If your sponsors are UK taxpayers get their address and ask them to Gift Aid their donations so SportsAid can claim an extra 25p for every £1 raised. 


For more information about fundraising for SportsAid, and to get sponsorships forms, etc: