SportsAid Vault

The SportsAid Vault Podcast, produced by Hogarth Worldwide and Gramercy Park Studios, is here to bring you insight and inspiration from the country’s most talented young athletes.

The podcast is available to listen to NOW on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and Acast.

Each guest will open up their own ‘personal vault’ as they reveal the secrets to their success and how their age-group level achievements led to them making their mark in the senior ranks. We will also hear about each guest’s first steps into their sport, the importance of family, challenges they’ve faced, future ambitions and the ‘person behind the athlete’.

Vault Video

Each episode will contain a themed discussion, specifically based around the guest’s unique experiences, where they will offer practical advice, different approaches and alternative ways of thinking which have proved effective in their careers so far.

Hosted by Tom Gayle, BBC sports presenter, commentator and reporter, the podcast is perfect listening for SportsAid athletes, as well as their parents and guardians, but also highly informative and entertaining for all of the charity’s commercial partners, supporters and fundraisers.

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